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Single Father

Sick Day 

someone is having fun being sick today! Home with mom two days now it’s daddy daycare this weekend! Need to get more Popsicles and waffles. We are almost out! [...]

Introducing “Graycasso”!

I’m not sure where this came from…actually I know EXACTLY where it came from. Grayson finally “vandalized” enough things that I thought it was time to take photos for [...]

Pepperidge Farms Fish Holder!

I went shopping yesterday for the usual: Food for Grayson and I, Dog Food, Household Items, etc. While at Giant Markets, I found this Hidden gem! There’s no big story [...]

Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Grayson got some Valentine’s Day Gifts from Pop Pop today in the mail! Jungle Boogie Tiger and 20$ in a card that Gray already put in his piggy bank himself! [...]
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