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I’m not sure where this came from…actually I know EXACTLY where it came from. Grayson finally “vandalized” enough things that I thought it was time to take photos for evidence yet at the same time, encourage his artistic talent.  Unfortunately, I didn’t consider leaving a sharpie out for 5 seconds as I let the dog in, part of that encouragement. I then remembered that he likes using the bathtub and tile as a canvas as well as his green bedroom walls. Now On the other hand, he does amazing paintings, drawings, lithographs, sculptures, pottery, tattooing, and more at school so I MUST showcase that also.


The Door is a “Gateway” to Art! 3-22-15

IMG_1460.JPG IMG_1461.JPG

Window To The World 3-22-15




After some deep soul searching and reviewing his masterpiece’s I decide to name his alter-ego, “Graycasso”! He is in fact an amazing artist and prodigy and will only enlighten all of us for the rest of his life with this amazing and priceless art! The chair: Priceless! The bedroom wall that is attached to the house is for sale for a cool $175,000! If you’re interested let him know. His management is Sotheby’s in Manhattan!


Stay tuned for much much more from his Impressionist, Blue, and Toddler period! Be SURE to constantly check out the BRAND NEW PAGE @ titled “Graycasso”!