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DIY Snow Paint – Hours of Fun For Everyone!

We had our first major snowfall of 2o15 on January 24th, 2015 in the Lehigh Valley area ofpaint rainbow of colors Pennsylvania! Grayson turned 2 on 1/25/15 so the timing was perfect! Last year, the EXACT same thing happened on his 1st birthday! However, this storm didn't slow down the party and it didn't slow down my sister from coming up with SNOW PAINT for Gray's birthday weekend! What is "snow paint" you ask? I had no idea but now I'm a snow paint expert (Not Really)!

paint suppliesTo create your DIY Snow Paint, grab a couple of spray bottles from the dollar store, or your local BIG BOX store such as Walmart, Home Depot, or Lowes, etc. Remove the tops of the bottles and fill them with water. After that add enough food coloring / dye to get the desired color you’re after. Screw the lid back on when you are done and give it a firm shake.

In order to use your DIY snow Paint, just hold the nozzle near the snow and spray! If youwater and food coloring would like a concentrated like design / pattern. Keep in mind that if you want a MORE vibrant color  snow paint, use a food dye gel instead of the standard drops. Gel can be purchased at the grocery store just like the standard food coloring drops.

Want to keep the kids busy during the Winter holiday? You’re welcome! I’m now an ambassador of snow paint! Well, not really but I’m appointing myself to be one! Grab some spray bottles, some dye, pray for snow, and you have yourself hours of fun for pennies on the dollar! For more info check out THIS LINK!



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