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Fears of Baths, Showers, and Water

  For the past 4 weeks or so, Grayson was having TERRIBLE issues in regards to water. I'mgray chris - Copy specifically talking about when I gave him a bath but the shear terror that consumed him even crossed over into when I took a shower.  When he simply heard the water turn on and I hopped in, he would break down in tears and screams. I just could not figure it out. I was the only one to give him baths, besides his mom, and I never had any water incidents with him.

In fact he LOVES WATER!  Swimming, brushing his teeth with water for fun, playing with the garden hose, and splashing around in the hot tub with his hands are some of his 10250102_496492283809946_3463775927491285036_nfavorite things to do. I just could not figure out what was happening. I chalked it up to just being a first time dad trying to figure it out. Being a single, first time father, you really wish sometimes that you had someone to bounce questions and ideas off of. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of friends with children Grayson’s age, but with this I just didn’t know who to ask or what to do.

gray runningIt was like someone sitting around somewhere knew EXACTLY when this was going to happen to Grayson, and they fired off an email to tell me it would be okay! That someone was BABY CENTER! I received an email this past weekend and the first lines of the “Update on your 21 month 4 week old” read “Your toddler may suddenly develop a fear of something particular, such as insects or water.”

HOW did they know this was happening to me at this EXACT time? I’ll tell you how: They 7777are BABY CENTER! I highly recommend signing up for their news letter if you have a baby on the way or you already have children. Their knowledge is simply amazing. Here is the excerpt from their email below:


10492137_541381959320978_1532988458201981592_n“Your toddler may suddenly develop a fear of something particular, such as insects or water. This may have arisen from an actual incident – maybe a spider dropped onto your child’s arm, and his increasingly capable brain is able to remember it for weeks. Not to worry: Experts say that toddler fears and phobias eventually pass. In the meantime, there are several ways to help your child deal with his fear. For example, acknowledge how he feels and provide some reassurance: “I know you don’t like spiders – I’ll catch that one and put it outside.”   

Read more on what’s in store for you and your almost 22 month old at the link I’ve handed off to you right HERE!



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