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Pumpkins, Christmas, and Milestones

10610724_597676120358228_8854841939002038436_nDadastrophic...yep that pretty much has been the truth since BEFORE day 1! I definitely got the name right. Tales of a "Hot Mess" dad! Bingo!  I'm learning something new everyday and the number one thing I learned is this is NOT easy...I cannot believe Summer came and went, and here we are, a month into Fall already.  Bonfires, Smores, Hayrides, and could be worse!

I just found myself trying to think about what a 23 month old (at10440732_596548857137621_5045300365345490542_n Christmas) would want for the holidays. My friend Val mentioned GoGo Smart Wheels by V-Tech so at least I’m getting some good advice. What do I know? I’m a single dad with my first child and when I was 2 years old 34 years ago, they didn’t have ANY of the stuff they have out now.  At 20 months, Grayson and open my iPad, swipe to his game apps, open them, and play them.  It’s CRAZY!

10511202_595172027275304_537254999078003017_nThe best part about our relationship now is that he talks a bit. Better yet, he understands when I ask him things. I now can ask him if he wants “this” for dinner and show him something and he’ll say yes or no. The same with if he’s thirsty, or with what he wants to watch if we are snuggling and watching Netflix.  Being able to have small conversations with my son is absolutely the highlight of my life.   My dear friend Ed just got Grayson his first 2 Hess Trucks to start his collection! I never collected them but a lot of relatives did so it’s nice that Gray is on his way to follow in footsteps of all of his cousins, etc!

Grayson LOVES waffles and says “waffle” crystal clear. Pumpkin, on the other hand is 1521290_10205169632347024_1162939457607149522_nanother story. He say “Pumpya”.  He LOVES Fall and pumpkins and hay, etc.  He’s also still obsessed with coloring and insists on using markers when daddy doesn’t want him too. I can’t tell you the amount of things he has ‘marked’ as his own with those markers! Back to Crayola Crayons it is!  He holds my hand when we walk together, he knows my car and says “CAR” whenever we are headed there and he even opens up his own door and starts to climb into his car seat.   He LOVES Curious George and as I type this, we are watching the Halloween special of Curious George in the living room!  He and I are both going to be Captain America for Halloween and go trick or treating.

1016563_594373127355194_11488114244846649_nIn a few weeks, the circus comes to town and we are both very excited to go see the animals and the other kids his age! Fall is here and my little ham is growing so much every day. The progress weekly at his school /daycare is incredible and everyone loves the little man! I love protecting him and sheltering him from the bad of the world but I also love that he is so outgoing and loves to be around people, etc!  He’s definitely turning heads when he walks into a room. Little heartbreaker.  I’ll have to have the talk about the ladies sooner than I think, lol!




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