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Summertime 2014 Part 1!

gray chris - CopyIt's been a pretty exciting Summer so far with Grayson and we've had a lot of fun together. He's hit a few milestones and he's really developed both his motor skills and his vocabulary. Grayson still has a love of the water. Whether it's the bathtub, a backyard pool, or the ocean, he simply smiles ear to ear the second he sees the wet stuff! Last weekend I had him at my Brother-In-Law's condo along with my sister and Adam's family! Sandy, Larry, Adam, Debbie, and Jessica are wonderful people who have always opened their home and hearts to us! If you have never been to Brigantine, NJ., I highly recommend it! From Brigantine Beach, to The Links Golf Club, to Laguna Beach Bar, Brigantine is simply a gem!

Grayson loved the ride down and despite the 4 hour trip with traffic, he was fantastic in the gray emilycar! Some of the other kids were at the condo that weekend so Grayson had a chance to play the entire weekend with them. Thomas and Emily are Jessica’s children and Debbie had them down for the weekend and the three of them played non-stop. We had some pool time near the bay and I discovered that Grayson wants to be a chef, considering the fact that he played with the “kids kitchen’ in the condo the entire weekend along with Thomas and Emily.

gray kitchenWe ventured to the actual beach on the last day of the trip as I had a hunch Grayson would love it but be a little overwhelmed with the ocean at the same time…he was!  Gray loved the water the second we walked over the dunes. He was mesmerized. However, he couldn’t quite grip the idea of the water crashing into gray runningthe shore and then being sucked back into the abyss. Grayson and I walked down to the water and he had a HUGE smile on his face as the water got sucked back into the ocean…but the second that water came crashing back up onto the beach and hit his feet, he cried like the 18 month old that he is, and he ran back to daddy!   He loves the ocean and the beach, but doesn’t quite understand it yet!

gray goliathOverall, the Summer has been amazing so far in 2014 and I can only imagine what the rest of it will bring. Next weekend we are going to go the Lehigh Valley Zoo thanks to my sister Courtney, and her husband Adam! They got us a season pass for the Zoo and we can’t wait to see all the animals!  The Crayola Factory, more trips to the beach, swimming lessons, and more are whats in store for the Summer of 2014! Thanks for coming along for the ride and be sure to watch out for Summer product reviews, tons of videos of Grayson, informative pieces and more! Have a GREAT Summer!



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