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A Gift You MUST Buy For Yourself…and Family!

canv1How I found the time to write this post is beyond me. When I started this blog in June 2012, I could not wait to post EVERYDAY! I noticed other "Dad Bloggers" were not postinjg often and I thought that was an easy way for me to climb up the "dad blog" charts on the internet! I soon learned that the other guys, who were way ahead of my time, simply "had their baby" and simply had no time to blog as much as they wanted to. Lesson learned.

Grayson is asleep, it’s a Friday night, and I wanted to toss up a quick post about Father’s canv2Day Weekend! This is probably post one of two or three but I had to share the excitement with the canvas prints I got in the mail today from! I simply googled “canvas prints” and checked them out and took a gamble. It paid off. I never heard of them, I never contacted them. Just pulled the trigger and ordered 4 prints.  a 12x 18, 2- 20 x 30, and a 30 x 30 canvas wrap! (Inches)

canv5I could NOT be happier with the turnout! I tracked the packages and knew they were coming on the specific arrival day and from 3pm to about 7pm I watched the front door every 5 minutes. I was like a kid in a candy store.  When they arrived it was similar to Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” getting his Red Rider BB-Gun!

The prints were amazing and they look incredible on the walls of canv6the house and I absolutely am telling anyone who is reading this post to find a few photos of your little one (or big one) and get a canvas wrap made! Just do me a favor and DON’T undersize your wrap. I got my dad a 12  x 18 and I feel it’s too small! These are made for walls in your home / apartment so go big or go home! Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads, Dads to be, and single moms out there because you’re doing a heck of a job too!



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