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Grayson PoloI'm not going to lie. When I first started writing about my journey as a Hot Mess Dad, I took a look at a few other award winning "Dad Blogs" and noticed they didn't update their blogs that often. I could not believe they were as popular as they were but had little content. I swore up and down that I'd post often and always and I did...pre Grayson! When Gray was born, I finally realized why the other dads out there didn't blog as was because they were busy being DADS!

I realized I wasn’t writing enough my dear friend, David Yanoshik from Lehigh Valley LiveIMG_5537 ran into me at the Sands Food & Wine Festival Mixer in early March and made a comment that I need to blog more! When a big name in the  world of journalism tell you that you aren’t blogging enough, it’s time to blog more!  That will mean getting up a little earlier before Grayson is awake, and going to bed a little later so that I can dedicate more time to writing. I’m passionate about it and I love documenting Grayson’s life for friends, family and anyone who took interest in this little HAM of a human being. He’s so entertaining and so full of life that he just makes me want to immerse him in everything and everything!   Just not too soon!

photo 3I did some research and swimming lessons at  Swim-In-Zone in Center Valley seems like the first logical step in activities for Grayson. The sooner he can learn about water and how to swim the better. He loves the bathtub and water in general and I know this means he will fall in love with pools, the ocean, and swimming in general.  We will be spending a lot of time at the beach and he needs to be comfortable with his surroundings.   I’ll be in the pool with him at each lesson as it is required. I cannot wait to bond with him in the water and teach him how to be a young Michael Phelps.

Over the past few weeks, Grayson has really increased his vocabulary with words like 1959243_478327985626376_167374388_n“Baby”, “Doggy”, and a few other fragmented ones that he’s slowly figuring out.  He is obsessed with ceiling fans so I think ‘Fan is in his near future.  Walking and running is now second nature to him. He zips around the house like there is no tomorrow! His favorite two activities are closing the baby gates if he follows me into the kitchen AND playing in Reno’s (The Big Yellow Lab) water bowl.  He of course only does this when he’s got on nice long sleeves and I then have to change his shirt, lol.

photo 4Recently, Grayson was the “Star of the Week” at Daycare! They spotlighted him and shared some of his artwork! He’s done numerous paintings so far and painted a flowerpot for the first day of Spring! The flower has finally blossomed through the soil! That reminds me, I need to water it today. Mom’s birthday was Friday and he made her a beautiful card and daycare too! He is quite the Picasso, lately!   Spring has sprung and Summer will be here before you know it.   New words and new adventures are on the horizon and I promise to document  them more than I have been. It’s going to be amazing to look back on  everything in 15 years.



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