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Grayson’s First Birthday – 1.25.14

gray b dayWhat a day! I was really nervous on how the day would workout but it was indeed a very nice, intimate first birthday for Grayson. With it being extremely cold this month and we risked the threat of snow, we decided to just have an open house after Grayson's First Birthday photo shoot.  I'm glad we did because it snowed from 9am to 4pm. The open house was a great idea because

people could come and go as they pleased and did not have to come at all if they were concerned about the weather.

Gryason started off the morning getting Birthday / Valentine’s Day photos by Nicole Hauze gray valenine normalPhotography! She is  a fantastic baby/toddler photographer! I highly recommend her! It took us a little longer to get to the shoot because I went the wrong way but that’s expected of me!  We were home by 1pm and enjoyed some wraps, snacks, and Vegan Treat’s cake with friends throughout the day and early evening.  Gray was showered with gifts and spent the rest of the night playing before dinner.   He got his 1st Drumset, 1st Dump Truck, a hammer set, a few books, outfits, remote control cars and more.    Needless to say, he did very well for his first birthday!  As soon as I have all the Birthday / Valentine’s Day photos back I’ll be sure to share them! Check out the ENTIRE Birthday video HERE on the Dadastrophic YouTube Page! It’s a classic and edited together so it’s easy on the eyes!



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