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Golf Play Toddler Golf Set – Product Review

The Golf Play Golf Set is by far one of Grayson's favorite toys to date. It's simple but packs 71TBn2evikL__SL1500_a punch of entertainment within the many bells and whistles it comes with. At 11.5 months, Grayson not only knows that you hit the golf balls with the golf club but that the golf balls go into the golf cup! He can't quite grasp the concept that you hit the balls into the cup so for now he just hits the balls anywhere he can but  when he sees the cup, he places the balls in the cup with his hands! He's getting there! You get a putter, an iron, a driver, balls, tees, cups, flags, a bag on wheels, and more!

All for under 20$ including shipping on! Check out my full Dadastrophic video product review HERE! Tons of videos down the road of not only product reviews, but journal entries with and without Gray and an “On The Road” section when we travel places that are “Grayson Friendly”! Buy the golf set like I did, HERE!



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