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Erica Tells The Town She’s Preggo Via The Radio…

When you are pregnant how do you tell the ones you love the most? Obviously by going on the radio and annoucing it to almost 3/4 of a million people on a Thursday Morning. My beautiful wife did JUST THAT! I briefly mentioned this in my first post as a LINK but decided that it definitely needed it's own post!

I come from radio, starting out at the age of 16 at B104 in Allentown , then graduating to Full-Time at Rocker, WZZO at 20 until I left at 26 for Cat Country 96  and WLEV in 2008. Radio and TV/Film are  always going to be in my blood and my wife still works in the biz , as do I part time every now and then so we definitely enjoy seeing old friends and popping on the air every now and then.

Erica was asked to do a segment on WLEV called “Real Housewives of the LV” and she rocks it everytime she’s on!  A big thanks to Laura St. James and Scott & Cindy in the morning for having her on and letting her share the good news! CLICK HERE to check out E spilling the beans to Scott  Cindy on WLEV!



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