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First Steps & First Snowfall!

snow 2December 14th, 2013 at 5:15 it happened. Grayson took his first steps unassisted! The milestone happened at our home on the living room floor.  It was a snowy weekend and we were holed upunnamed in our brick fortress playing fort with Grayson for pretty much the entire day. We took a break and went outside for him to enjoy his first snowfall. We had him outside  a week earlier but that

was just to feel the snow as it was falling. This past weekend, he got bundled up, sat in it, and enjoyed it! So far, Grayson LOVES snow and he LOVES water. Two good things since we love the outdoors and the beach.  Getting him ready for fishing  in The “Brig” this Summer is next on the list but that’s another story!


After the snow, we put a purple blanket on the floor and he crawled around it like it had an purpleinvisible force field around it’s fluffy perimeter! He simply would NOT leave the blanket!  We tossed in some toys and he was set with us watching movies all day.   Come dinner time, our good friends, Deb and Rick came over to crash the fort and enjoy the snow.  I was upstairs fixing something or painting something and obviously that’s when IT happened…I heard a scream from Erica and ran down the stairs!

lionI quickly found out it was a GOOD scream and that he took his FIRST STEPS from Erica to Deb while playing in the “Fort”!  He was  very close to this milestone for a few weeks and we only knew this because he has been walking with his Fisher Price LION Walker  unassisted and has been standing still on his own for about a week or two. It was only a matter of time!  December 14th, 2013 at 5:15pm was a milestone we will never forget and I cannot wait to log the rest of them over the next few years as it will be a ‘dadastrophic‘ ride! Also, check out the “Dadastrophic”  YouTube Page HERE! For a video re-cap of Gray’s first snowfall and steps featuring the three of us, click HERE!



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