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The Rice-A-Roni Incident of 2013

ricearoni_san_franciscoThere is really no secret in regards to my love of Rice-A-Roni, "The San Francisco Treat"! Good old dad can scarf down at least 4 boxes a week and it drives mom nuts! Yes, I get's not the BEST choice in alternatives to dinner but in my eyes, it's the ONLY alternative, lol.

Recently we had Grayson sitting in his dinner chair as dad was preparing to make some dinner and he decided to join the Rice-A-Roni Revolution with dad!  He grabbed the box of rice, proceeded to check out the nutrition label and directions on the box, and then went to town turning this amazing rice-tastic treat into his own musical instrument.

After a few minutes of him shaking his Rice-A-Roni box like it shouldrice_200-5ccd6739ea345bee5edb9809af256f439b2e895a-s6-c30 have been part of Blue Oyster Cult’s (Don’t Fear) The Reaper, I decided that was enough and so did Grayson. He promptly threw the box on the floor and asked for more cowbell. He got no cowbell…but I got my Rice-A-Roni and it was delish!

Watch the video HERE if you missed the links in the post!




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