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Grayson Crawls – And “Leapfrog”!

1236713_10200517415678035_1885472448_n ...Well, he started last week, but it was more like a sluggish army crawl. So, it was an exciting moment to see him jet across the room this week like a pro!

Now he’s on the PROWL! By his 7 month birthday, little G-Man is forwards, backwards, and sideways! Little Man wants anything shiny and anything that lights up with Fox News updates. I.E.: an I-Phone, Droid, I-Pad, Laptop, TV, etc… This guy wants it all!

He tried to create his own Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,, eHarmony, and Youtube account, but we locked him out of Social Media… At least for now. But, for the meantime E took a trip to Barnes & Noble where she purchased Gray’s “interim” favorite piece of technology. 

Gray loves his leapfrog laptop. It plays games, music, makes fake email messages, and has some cool alphabet features. It even spells his name for him. So what it’s made for two year olds, this kid is obsessed with technology.

555011_387760434683132_1937361680_nThe Leapfrog Laptop is a simple electronic device that has the “model” of a laptop but it’s really just another toy. It’s not too bright, yet has keys so Grayson can pretend he’s logging on to Facebook for a status update and getting his tech fix.

533724_10202005637009118_396411457_nIt has opened up a whole new world watching Grayson go from newborn to army crawling to the toys, laptops, cell phones, and stuffed animals. He’s literally gone to the NEXT level. We really need to watch EVERY move now! It was fun watching him mutter his first words “Da da” and jump up and down in the bouncy chair, but having him mobile and crawling around, little man can end up in Texas if he wanted to!

Happy 7 months little buddy, we look forward to spending $4,567 dollars baby-proofing the house and $241,000 by the time you’re 18.  Love you!




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