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Grayson’s First Words!

1044440_10201518243864594_1208358499_nWhen my wife heard it, this was the first thing that came out of her mouth and on to her Facebook Wall: "20 some hours of labor, a C section, and countless hours nursing, pumping, whatever have you and his first word is "Dadda"... Seriously? Seriously?! @$&#%."

Basically, you know where this is going. Babies nemousually say some variation of “Mamma” or “Dadda” and it’s pretty much a coin toss on which one it is.  I’ll tell you right now that she deserves to her “Mamma” a lot more than I should be hearing “Dadda”! E takes care of him 24/7! Don’t get me wrong, I spend a lot of time with Grayson, but she’s a saint.  So, I’m sorry babe… but I’m not going to lie! It was GREAT hearing Grayson Say “Dadda”! Don’t get me wrong, he may not know what it means yet at 5 months but he’s been saying it dozens of times since last night. He’s currently blabbing away as I write this!
Another day, another milestone! This one was 8pm on July 2nd, 2013! Love the little G-Man!



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