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Reality Has Set In…

grayson 2 months 1When I first started "Dadastrophic", I was certain I would post things daily. Whether it be photos, stories, or even a quick note to keep everyone update on Grayson, I was SURE I'd find a few minutes a day to do so. Everyone told me I was nuts and once Gray arrived, it would be very hard to post daily.  I argued with them saying it's only a few minutes a day...they were right.  The past few weeks have been very rough. Don't get me wrong, he's the best thing to ever happen to my wife and I. However, when things are good, life is good...when things with Gray are bad...I can't even describe it.

Overall he’s a healthy, now almost 12 pound baby and his smile will melt you like stick of grayson 2 months 2butter in a cast iron skillet. He just is the biggest joy on the planet. However, he’s had some Gastro-issues thus leading to trips to pediatricians, and pediatric gastroenterologists. Throw in common colds, colic, and him just being fussy, and you have a baby that can be a ham one minute and an absolute shrieking hot mess another minute.  That leads us to no sleep, trying to function for work, and trying to not use the sleep deprivation and crankiness  as a reason to argue about completely other topics during the night.  As I began this post, he just fell asleep.  He now is up and starting to talk like babies do and I believe he is ready for part 2 of his bottle that he did not finish before his nap. My wife is sleeping and I got an hour before she took her turn.   I’ve been trying to fold laundry for 3 days now and its’ just not happening, lol.

grayson 2 months 4If you’re expecting, it’s the most amazing experience on the planet. I wouldn’t trade this guy in for anything.  Just remember, my friends told me I’d have no time to even write a 3 paragraph “Dadastrophic” entry 10 minutes a day….they were right.  Priorities change, and you’re at his beck and call. I’m at my wife’s now so I’m well adjusted!  She’s my best friend, and he will grow up also being my best friend and I just have to realize that now and know that all the sleepless nights, shrieks, and bickering is worth it in the end! Also, if you have family in the area…God Bless You! We do not have any in the immediate area. Those of you that do, consider it a blessing! Now it’s, time to finish that bottle.



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