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Babar is pronounced “Bah-bar”? NOOO!!!

bah2 I'm not going to get into how we got to story time with Grayson, but it involved him letting every one of his bodily fluids run all over me during a changing...followed by a bath. Okay, so I got into it and basically told you how we got there anyway. He was cleaned up, refreshed, and ready for a story. My wife has implemented a 1 story a day rule in our home.  As she was changing him and talking about reading him a story I was walking down the steps.  We had our jacuzzi tub running a cleaning cycle  in the bathroom so it was a bit hard to hear her as she called to me as I walked down the steps. I heard bits and pieces of her saying something about "Story time and a barber." I walked back up the steps to ask her what she just said because it made no sense to me.  She said "We have to read

him a story. Let’s read him Bahhbarrrr.” I said, “What the H is a bahhbar or barber?”  She replied, “The story about the elephant, Babar.”   I laughed and said that it was pronounced “Bay-bar”.  She laughed back at me and said “No it’s not! He’s French. It’s “Bah-bar”.  Oh my GOD! For 35 years you’re telling me I’ve been pronouncing it wrong and saying it wrong?  Three and a half decades of thinking this elephant was a cute little guy named “Bay-bar.”  Now I find out he’s French and I’ve been saying his name wrong.  This is catastrophic for my inner-child!   Or is SHE wrong? Please tell me!!!!

To make things worse, it’s been probably 25 years since I read the book or had it read babarto me. I just remembered that he was an elephant.   My wife and I sit down and take turns reading pages to Grayson.  Now remember…I have no idea what this book is about.  About 3 pages in, E is reading the current page and apparently Frenchie’s mom gets shot and killed by a hunter and Babar escapes!  What kind of book is this for a child.  We continue reading and Babar ends up in a town, finds a nice lady, she gives him her purse for no  reason, and he goes shopping for fine clothes at a high end boutique.

photo 1bah1First of all, he’s an ELEPHANT. Second, his mother was just assassinated and he decides to skip the funeral, blow out of town, rob a woman politely, and go on a shopping spree for fine suits and hats.   I turn to my wife and can’t help but snicker and say, “Let me get this striaght…someone dies and he goes on a shopping spree as a form of mourning?”   “Yep”, she said… “I guess that’s why I like it.”  The end.



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