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The Turkey Baster & Similac Debacle

photo 3It's been taking me a little while to write anything about Grayson for a very simple reason...Grayson! Poor little man likes to sleep until our bed time then he's wide awake and ready to rock! Don't get me wrong...we get it...he's a baby...he cries...he eats...he loves. We've moved him over to formula and have tried the powder and the liquid.  We started with powder and moved onto liquid and find that he likes it much better and digests it better.   One problem...a can opener.

You see, the way this works is you need to puncture 2 holes into the top of a formula can. photo 2(Kind of like you used to do to a Hi-C Can)  Unfortunatly, the first day we were out of powder forumla and needed the liquid forumula, we realized that we had ZERO openers that had the triangle pointed end on them (Old Fashioned) and only the ones you attached to a can and turned the knob to open the whole lid of the can.

photo 1NO PROBLEM!  Mcyver used to be my favorite show when it was on television so I improvised! I had to figure out how to get the liquid into the bottle without spilling the liquid gold  so I could then mix it with water.  PROBLEM SOLVED! We have a TURKEY BASTER!   It works on turkeys, chickens, and hams so why not use it for milk? The similac formula doesn’t know it’s a turkey baster and the turkey baster doesn’t know it’s formula. PROBLEM SOLVED! You’re welcome!



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