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Introducing The JuJu Band!

2011_11$largeimg211_Nov_2011_174601237If you visit our house you may need to bring ear plugs, because Gray is the definition of "colic". He gets his fussiness from his mother, just don't tell her I said that. Just kidding. So, E being the innovative girl that she is, tried everything she could find. One cool find was the juju band. The juju band keeps the belly warm therefore reducing colic. It dates back to the early 1800's where other cultures used an abdominal binder for a few reasons: reducing colic, protecting a newborns umbilical cord stump, baby hernia relief, and also for achieving an "innie" belly button.

Our use, of course, stemmed from the necessity for a well needed break from daily nuclearSONY DSC meltdowns. And, lets just say that they’ve decreased since using the band. Check out the Juju band website, it has quite a few different fabrics and they even make comforters and blankies.



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