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IMG_20130306_145212My wife thought that pregnancy had drained her energy. That was until Gray came along. Now, it's a 24 hour diner in this house! We're constantly mixing formula and feeding this ravenous child! Gray is in his 5th week so he's experiencing a growth spurt and eating every, (literally) every hour! And now, E and I are zombies. And, with lack of sleep comes the lack of immunity to just about ever flu or cold that comes down the pike. Fortunately we've discovered some dietary supplements that help with energy and immunity so that Gray isn't the one suffering.

Botanical Innovations carries a line called Immuno-Viva. All natural 485327_296511467141363_652654275_ningredient boasting teas and pills that picked us up where we needed it most. And, knock on wood, we haven’t gotten sick on less than 3 hours of sleep most nights and a less than healthy diet on some nights. E’s favorite is the “Sunset Tea“, which she drinks in the evening to unwind when Gray sleeps for about 45 minutes. My fave is the “Ease” capsules, I need the Omega 3’s to lower my blood pressure so I can bring my catastrophic A-game to the “honey do” list.



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