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Just Buns Bakery – Heaven!

photo 1Dana Reyes, Founder of "Just Buns Bakery" in Congers New York is the reason why I'm writing this post tonight! Her Swirly Buns were the perfect way to end a long week of sleepless nights! Our "Guilty Pleasure", if you will! "Just Buns" uses a secret family recipe when making their Swirly Buns ( a light fluffy pastry) and photo 3EVERY one is hand made with love, freshly baked, and made with ALL-NATURAL ingredients. That's a HUGE plus for new parents trying to be healthy and weight conscious! We can have our "Buns" and eat it too! By the way, my wife, as I'm writing this, just said: "I'm not joking, that's the best bun I've ever had." LOL! She's in LOVE with the Nutella Swirly Bun!


photo 2Here’s the greatest thing about Just Buns Swirly Buns: You can microwave them in a 20 seconds or, our preference if you have the time, warm them up in the oven in less than 10 minutes! Also, if you want to save some or give them friends and family, they can be frozen for up to 3 months! We received a beautifully packaged shipment of Just Buns and my wife was in love the second she saw the Nutella Swirly Bun! Our great friends and neighbors happened photo 5to be here at the time of the delivery and they enjoyed the Cinnamon Swirly Bun and a Chocolate Peanut butter Swirly Bun. Some of the other amazing flavors you can enjoy include Raspberry Almond, Chocolate Raspberry, and Almond! If you go to their Swirly Buns “Section” of their website you will see about 45 different flavors to choose from! 45!


photo 4Sign up for their email list on their website and get special discounts and seasonal menu  promotions emailed to you! Just Buns also has a “Bun of the Month”! Sounds fantastic to us! If you’d like to see your Swirly Buns being made, just watch their short video HERE on the process! It’s pretty awesome! Want to order online? Piece of cake…or bun! Thanks Dana and thanks to “Just Buns”! What a great pleasure to devour these bad boys! Now back to Grayson…my turn to feed him!




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