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Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles! Bing Bong!

Just a quick post about some bottles that E bought for Grayson.  When we brought him dr brownhome, we had 3 options: 1. Breast Feed, 2. Bottle Feed Breast Milk, 3. Bottle Feed Formula. Breast feeding is hands down the best and any Lactation Consultant will tell you that. If they tell you anything else, they are dead wrong.  You can't regulate breast milk but for the most part, it comes out a lot slower than a bottle we are told! A regular bottle, we found, allows the milk to come out to fast for Grayson. He ends up getting gas, spits up, and cries. We found this out real quick!

dr_brown_bottles2Somewhere along the line we either bought or received Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles and they work great! As their website says: They are “Simply The Best Baby Bottles.” Not only do they have bottles and accessories but they also offer breast feeding products, pacifiers and teethers,  and  cups & solid feeding supplies!



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