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Little G-Man is Sick!

Grayson has been sick. I need to learn that not all of these entries will be long. I planned onIMG_7773 this one being long but it really is turning into a 'short and sweet' entry. Gray has been sick. The nurses, and staff at Lehigh Valley Hospital Cedar Crest have been amazing! A big thanks to Ashley  who got us in fast and with no glitch! Thank YOU!   An ER visit, 2 pediatrician visits, and another Dr. visit...he's all good. Meaning: he has sniffles, no congestion, no fever, and no bronchitis and no pneumonia.

IMG_0796Basically, this means you can’t do anything but “hurry up and wait”! It sucks but it is what it is! He’s a little better now so that’s good! It’s Grayson’s first snowstorm this weekend so we’re excited! NO Snow for him…he can watch!


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