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The Birth of Grayson Emerick Line

It's been a week since Grayson was born and about 2 weeks since I wrote my last baby gray hospital delivery 004entry. Usually, I post more often but there was one problem -I HAD A BABY! No time to breathe, eat, sleep, write, or keep you posted but you have my word that after this, most stories will be written shortly after the true life events happen...some even in real time! I hope you check back often from here on out! Big news is I finally remember my Flickr password so you'll see the pink and blue dotted widget on the website. Check that often as I'll be posting photos almost daily of the little man not to mention in the photo section of "Dadastrophic"!   Now...ON TO THE BIRTH!

baby gray hospital delivery 008Thursday 1/24: 7:30pm – We were asked to come to triage to register and admit E for birth on Friday or during the weekend of 1/25/13. My favorite part of the weekend was when (and remember, I’m a guy and don’t follow what girls do to girls) a triage nurse came in, started the birth process with some sort of supository and then another nurse came in 10 minutes later asking if we could sign a waver for the medicine E was given 10 minutes earlier, lol! WOW! Yes, you are right…that set the ground work for the rest of the weekend.  We went to bed that night and made the best of it. E on her bed and me on a chair….the same chair I slept on for 5 days….5 DAYS! At least I had a chair!

Friday: God Awful A.M. : We woke up, watched the clock, had people in blue scrubsbaby gray hospital delivery 018 pop in every 20 minutes throughout the morning.  About every hour and a half, we had one of 3 doctors checking E’ s dialation.  2 guys and a girl!  (I remeber that show on ABC! Loved it! Ryan Reynolds went on to mary Blake Lively AFTER Scarlet Johansen! Good for him!) Bottom line was all was good but E wasn’t progressing with her dialation as fast as they expected. The Nurses were great, and things were smooth thru about 3pm. E got an Epidural that went well but she got a little freaked out she could not feel much below her waist. It’s a double edged sword. Don’t feel anything and be freaked out or feel EVERYTHING and wish death on everyone in the room!  After 3, the epidural medicine finished setting in  but not much was happening. Our primary Dr., who rocked, came in and made an executive decision with E…break her water and induce birth!

baby gray hospital delivery 069He did that but not much happened for the next hour other than Grayson’s heartbeat was fluxuating up and down. Nothing was horribly wrong, he just wasn’t a fan of the epidural etc.  A half hour later they decicded (instead of waiting to see if things got better) to just do an emergency C Section! Off we went!  It was a pretty scary 15 minutes waiting for them to come get me to allow me in the O.R. once she was prepped.  I had to put on scrubs and feet covers that for some reason didn’t agree with my shoes.  It was like the blind leading the blind.   5 minutes after I was in the O.R. with E, Grayson was born!!!

The second he came out, they showed hi to us! He was perfect! They took me right away tobaby gray hospital delivery 060the next room as they dried him off, etc and he was LOOKING right at me! Literally 1 minute after birth he was locked on me as if he knew who I was. I did not know this but apparently babies don’t open there eyes for a while after birth…for the most part!  As i’m typing this at home he’s staring at me as if I’m cheating on him with the laptop! Little does he know, that I’m writing about him! He’ll be able to look at this website in a few years and hopefully page through the hundreds of posts and smile! If not, I will and I hope all of you enjoy them. There’s going to be a lot more, more often!

baby gray hospital delivery 068The rest of our stay was good, the nurses were very kind and we were in good hands.  Friday night I actually bought the entire floor pizza! Poor E was sick from coming off the epidural medicine and had a pretty horrible night. I ended up getting sick Saturday night and had to wear a mask and slam Motrin like it was my job for the next few days. Here it is, a week later, and I still can’t smell or taste anything!   We are home, we are rested,gray life is good. It’s been kind of a revolving door with people wanting to see the little man but we’re taking it slow so that he and E are not overwhelmed. I can’t wait to put him in the Baby Bjorn and show him the world one baby step at a time!



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