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Week 36 – Tis’ The Season For Baby G Man!

Week 36! Merry X-Mas! I keep forgetting this is a 40 week process not 52 like a ChrisEricaChristmasEve2012_UglySweaterSantacalendar year. E wishes it was a 37 week process! I constantly think, "16 more weeks and we're good but, realistically, it's 3 weeks away until "Little Man"! 3 weeks until I look over at the bassinet and say, "How long are you here for?" That's when "Little Man" would say, "Forever"! I need more concrete love in my life so this is a long overdue blessing! According to Baby Center, here is what our little guy is up to this week:

crenshaw-melonYour baby is still packing on the pounds — at the rate of about an ounce a day. She now weighs almost 6 pounds (like a crenshaw melon) and is more than 18 1/2 inches long. She’s shedding most of the downy covering of hair that covered her body as well as the vernix caseosa, the waxy substance that covered and protected her skin during her nine-month amniotic bath. Your baby swallows both of these substances, along with other secretions, resulting in a blackish mixture, called meconium, will form the contents of her first bowel movement.

At the end of this week, your baby will be considered full-term. (Full-term is 37 to 42ttttt weeks; babies born before 37 weeks are pre-term and those born after 42 are post-term.) Most likely she’s in a head-down position. But if she isn’t, your practitioner may suggest scheduling an “external cephalic version,” which is a fancy way of saying she’ll try to coax

Note: Every baby develops a little differently — even in the womb. Our information is designed to give you a general idea of your baby’s development.

xmas 4Now that your baby is taking up so much room, you may have trouble eating a normal-size meal. Smaller, more frequent meals are often easier to handle at this point. On the other hand, you may have less heartburn and have an easier time breathing when your baby starts to “drop” down into your pelvis. This process — called lightening —often happens a few weeks before labor if this is your first baby. (If you’ve given birth before, it probably won’t happen before labor starts.) If your baby drops, you may also feel increased pressure in your lower abdomen, which may make walking increasingly uncomfortable, and you’ll probably find that you have to pee even more frequently. If your baby is very low, you may feel lots of vaginal pressure and discomfort as well. Some women say it feels as though they’re carrying a bowling ball between their legs!

Who’s ready to hit the lanes? We are!



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