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28 Weeks – Hurricane Sandy Style

I figured out that the most important thing to do today, as a hurricane is currently slamming the Jersey Shore and soon NEPA, is to write a new blog entry. Obviously, people are huddled around their laptops and Smartphones waiting for my next post in between checking the Weather Channel and CNN.  I'm currently renovating the nursery and moved my office over a room. Photos and a post on that's a mess right now.   This post is basically to say we are at 28 weeks! A great sight, as I said before, is BabyCenter. We get weekly updates on our son's development. I highly reccomend it.    This week my son is apparantally a Chinese Cabbage. I'm not kidding! The email update states :

“By this week, your baby weighs two and a quarter pounds (like a Chinese cabbage) and measures 14.8 inches from the top of her head to her heels. She can blink her eyes, which now sport lashes. With her eyesight developing, she may be able to see the light that filters in through your womb. She’s also developing billions of neurons in her brain and adding more body fat in preparation for life in the outside world.

See what your baby looks like this week.”

Note: Every baby develops a little differently — even in the womb. Our information is designed to give you a general idea of your baby’s development.

Now everyone go take shelter from Hurricane Sandy and make some babies so you can help me write this blog! And the next time you eat cabbage, think of us!





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