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I just wanted to remind anyone who stumbles accross that we have a great "Links" section that showcases other Lehigh Valley Dad Blogs along with some blogs that showcase family friendly information  on events, classes, and other resources in and around the LV. There are also some non-local but topical links on great books to help a Dad-To-Be understand the task he's about to have on his hands as well as what his partner is going through month to month.  I've  showcased below some of the links and  information on them below and ALL of these are available in our LINKS section of  More links posted often!


From the moment you learn of your partner’s pregnancy, you’re thrust into a strange new world and encouraged to participate in the pregnancy and birth process. Yet, you may feel awkward about sharing your fears and insecurities. That’s only natural. Here are seven common fears faced by fathers-to-be:


The Expectant Father: An AMAZING book for first time dads, written by a guy who lived it before us, and was bold enough to write about the journey! I highly recommend it! Check out a quick description from  below. I believe it’s in it’s 3rd edition:

Since it was first published several years ago, The Expectant Father has become the indisputable leader in its field. It is an information-packed, month-by-month guide to all the emotional, financial, and yes, even physical changes the father-to-be may experience during the course of his partner’s pregnancy.  In the revised and expanded third edition, authors Armin Brott and Jennifer Ash incorporate the latest statistics; update the Resources section to include the many relevant websites that have appeared since the first edition was published; introduce information for adoptive fathers-to-be; address the special concerns of fathers who are expecting twins, triplets, or more babies; and much more.


Club Dad: Lehigh Valley – ” I’ve started this group because after searching and searching, nothing of the kind seems to exist in this area!

Isolation is, hands down, the toughest part of being an at-home dad, so the purpose of this group is pretty simple: to give at-home dads an opportunity to get together with other dads for social interaction, to learn and share, and so our kids can play together. That’s where we’ll start, at least, and as the group and interest in more activities grows, we’ll expand.

So. Any other stay-at-home-dads out there looking to get together? The Daddy Doctrines: From the author: I’m a proud full-time at-home daddy, a part-time children’s book author and illustrator, a sophomore blogger, and an accidental activist. Canadian-born-and-bred, I now live in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania with my lovely (and much smarter) wife and our two adorable sons.



Lehigh Valley Little Ones : A Blog that seems to be a  home for LV Birthday Party Ideas, A  Community Board, Parks, Seasonal Fun, College Saving Ideas, Programs and Events Calendear & More. A great idea for things to do in the LV. Check out Lehigh Valley Little Ones!


Lehigh Valley Family :  LV Family is similar to LV Little Ones in that it is a portal to great ideas, activities, events, resources, etc. in the Lehigh Valley. It is seasoned and I highly recommend it! You can find out how to “get your child back into the school mood”, gain info on allergies and more found in your child’s daily school routine, find recipes on dinners and desserts, and find directions on how to make amazing arts & crafts with your child or children! Lehigh Valley Family is definitely a site worth checking out in the near future!




SheBlogs – a Web service that connects women bloggers, including mom bloggers, product reviewers, fashionistas, techies and others, with the public relations and marketing professionals who issue the news and promote the products that women care about most.



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