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My New Wee-Cam

It's 11:38pm as I begin writing this Thursday Night. By the time anyone reads it, most likely it will be Friday and the start to a  gorgeous weekend! I'm honestly not sure what this post is about other than cool gadgets I found! I think these are must haves for my "Dad 2 Be" Collection. Translation: Electronics that somehow interact with my I-Phone are a definite!

The first and only thing  I’ll mention in this post is a MUST HAVE! I’m talking about the  Liquid Image “EGO Sport Camera”! Under $200 and only about 2 ounces! Being only 3 inches by 2 inches, this wireless bad boy is made to REALLY make you feel like it’s not even there. It can be mounted on a bike, helmet, ATV, Snowmobile, and more! In my case, It will be strapped to my chest, head, and dashboard of my car. I believe you can even buy a waterproof case and use it under water, on water skis, boats, etc.  Why do I want it? For the exact OPPOSITE reason they built it! I want it for a “KID CAM”!

I want to get a chest harness and have it as a 1st person POV camera for when my son
pee’s on me for the first time! I want THAT amazement caught on film!  It’s also wireless so I can use it as a baby monitor up to 100 yards. Basically, our baby can be asleep upstairs and we can have the camera on him and watch him from the I-PAD or I-Phones via WI-FI from the neighbors  or our backyard to make sure all is good!  It even has a microphone, can be used as a still camera, and more!
The Bottom line is I’ll be using this EGO Camera  a lot to show 1st person POV of the baby and also to hook to my yellow lab, Reno & have him scramble around the yard chasing tennis balls and invisible dragons!  Edit these YouTube videos together to some Crystal Method music and we have PURE YOUTUBE Gold! Liquid Image, please send me the waterproof Pee-Case…thanks!



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