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This Is Why I Need To Stop Thinking…

I seem to be struggling with my multiple personalities on what the right answers are in regards to preparing to be a father.  I feel like I should have read E's book on pregnancy 3 months ago when she got it. I did not read it. I should not say that in so many words because I read sections of it, and thought that I was on my way to being a model "first time father to be".  Other parts, I felt, didn't concern me but maybe they did even if they primarily about her. After not reading HER book much, E got me a book titled, "The Exptectant Father", by Armin Brott. The chapters are basically equivalent to months so I'm currently on Chapter / Month 5... I'm caught up...I think.

Sometimes I find myself following these “parents to be”  books too much. Other times I find myself upset that I  did not follow them enough. Basically, I feel like I lose either way.   I don’t have a baby nursery painted and decorated yet. I did not buy my son any clothes or gifts yet (even though he’ s not here until the end of January 2013) and I sometimes feel as if I should have already.   Should the guest room be emptied of all of it’s belongings  already before the holidays and painted only  to remain vacant for the next 4 months? WHO KNOWS! I want it all to be right for E and our soon to be son but I can’t find the “magic timeline”, LOL.

I feel as if I cannot win either way and  that there is no RIGHT answer.    Where is the template for how to be a dad? Someone please send me the web address.  Maybe it’s DADASTROPHIC.COM and I’m doomed, LOL! All in all, it’s probably  just the insecurities I have in regards to being a good dad and doing the right thing. Maybe I will be a great dad  and I am doing the right thing!  Maybe this journey is the beginning of a map that  I am lying out  along the way instead of studying one created by someone else! Lord knows, I’ve followed GPS before and have still gone the wrong way.  I guess in a nutshell, “So Far So Good” with this learning to be  dad thing! I just need to be patient.  We have our whole lives ahead of us.



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