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…And We’re Having A…

Yesterday, September 4th, 2012 was a big day for my wife and I! We had a doctor's appointment scheduled to find out the sex of our baby.  For the past few months, our friends and family told us their thoughts on what they 'think' we were having and why, lol.  Also, my wife told me we were absolutely having a girl to punish her father. Thanks honey. She was so certain, that she would constantly send me girl names and asked me what I thought. All I kept saying was, "Wait until we find out the sex." 

Erica was working, as was I, so we drove separately to the appointment. When I went outside to get into my car, there was a sunshower and I just smiled. Haven’t seen one of those in a while. I was hoping it was my mother up in the heavens telling me everything was going to be alright.   When I got into my car, another weird thing happened.  The XM Radio was on and the chrous to U2’s “Beautiful Day” was playing. It was unreal.  I have to admit that I don’t believe in coincidences and things like that but this was pretty odd and at the same time pretty awesome.

Now, back to the baby!  The ultrasound was pretty intense. I cannot believe all of the photos they take and images they look at, freeze, and label.  The young lady who did the ultrasound could find EVERYTHING! Liver, stomach, kidneys, heart, spine, bones, feet, thumbs, etc…it was pretty cool being a first time father to be looking at all that stuff.   Watching the baby moving around as we were actually watching the ultrasound was amazing.  They kep moving their hands together up by their face like it was shielding their face from a boxing match, lol. I even think they were sucking their thumb here and there. It was surreal.

Finally at the end of the ultrasound, the nurse asked if we wanted to know the sex and we obviously said yes. Erica couldn’t wait to name her…as the nurse switched angles of the ultrasound I instantly saw it and kept my mouth shut…I let the nurse deliver the good news to Erica.  WE WERE HAVING A BOY!  I think she almost went into labor right then and there by her jaw hitting her stomach from shear shock!   Here we are a day later, she’s still walking around the house saying “I can’t believe I’m having a boy.”  She also has pretty much ZERO names picked out because she picked out all girl names.

My wife wanted to have a girl, most importantly because she wanted a little girl, but also to punish me! Moral of the story…My wife got punished for wishing for a girl to drive her soon to be father crazy!  On another note, my wife went right to the store and bought a bunch of baseball and soccer themed baby pajamas! I’m off now to buy a baseball glove, for our little boy! We are both excited beyond words!



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  1. totally awesome… happy for you both! maybe a nice French name perhaps?

  2. Sharon Vidmar McCarthy // September 5, 2012 at 1:18 pm //

    Excellent news, Chris and Erica! I'm sure you will pick out a perfect name for the little guy!

  3. this is so exciting to see a couple as wonderfu as the two of you share such joy! That was God's intention, shear joy. Sorry Erica, maybe the next baby will be your little girl…

  4. Trish Edelman Craig // September 7, 2012 at 2:42 pm //

    Baby boys are the best! He's going to love all over his mama and she'll love it! That said, if he has half the energy of ours… :) Good luck! Ha!

  5. TY Trish! Can’t wait!

  6. BOY!!!

  7. TY for the kind words Sharon! I’m thinking “Terror” or “Hurricane”. LOL.

  8. I think that’s wayyy to sophisticated considering it’s mine, LOL.

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