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Carter’s Sing and Dance Cow…

When my wife gets bored, she likes to purchase things! With a baby on the way, it's okay because usually she is buying things either for the baby, or for her that will benefit her and the baby!  She came home with a few things from Carter's but I quickly just wanted to post the  Carter's "Sing and Dance Cow".   I was up to my neck in work last week and in the middle of having  almost having a nervous breakdown, I got an email from my wife that had the subject line , "Smile". At that time, I absolutely needed to, so I opened the email and saw THIS VIDEO that E had shot of the Carter's Sing and Dance Cow.  I laughed out loud and that thing made my day.

When I got home, I even went in to the guest room that will eventually be a nursery, and clicked it’s paw so I could hear it sing “Old Mcdonald” again, LIVE AND IN PERSON! As I said, she got a few other things so it seems that Carter’s has some pretty good stuff to offer babys, toddlers, kids, and more! I’m sure there will be more posts down the road on baby gifts, and Carter’s cool creations. The VIDEO was just something extra I wanted to share with you.   Here is some info on the “Sing and Dance Cow” in case you are interested in buying it as a baby gift or for your little one:
Your little one will love their soft musical friend.
  • Soft fabrics, multiple textures and vibrant colors engage baby’s sense of vision and touch
  • Baby will love to learn cause and effect by activating the animal’s song and dance
  • Plastic is BPA-free
  • 100% polyester fiber; filled with cellophane paper



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