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Preggie Pops – Even I’d Eat Them

What the heck are Preggie Pops? I like the sound of these candies! I saw these in the cabinet in our kitchen and was immediately interested in eating them. Plus, my wife just told me that they are sour Raspberry, Lemon, and Green Apple flavored. Plus, they come in up 7 flavors. I'm going to be honest with you... I LOVE sour candies so I may have to pop a few of these bad-boys.  Apparently, they are "The Natural Way to Ease Morning Sickness".  Morning Sickness  / Hangover ...I can see the similarities. These may be the best invention since Pedialyte

Erica said that she hates sour candies but loves these and they  work and help ease the symptoms of morning sickness… I may have to buy a case of these. They have Preggie Pops that are lolipops, and Preggie Pop Drops that look like cough drops. As I look at their website, I notice that they have “Queasy Pops” and “Smoking Sucks“. I’m going to get 476 cases of the “Smoking Sucks” for my father…and have him eat them all at once.

As I sit here and take a look at the Preggie Pops Drops box, I think it’s amazing how pure these things actually are.  Preggie Pops are Gluten Free, Pesticide Free, GMO Free, and Vegan Friendly.  The Pop Drops are about 23 calories each…no bad for a tasty quick fix to morning sickness.

Organic Preggie Pops are great for your Labor Bag to help with dry mouth and provide a nice energy boost.  Seems like I can use thes in my “Labor Day” bag that I take to the beach that also contains lots of ice and aluminum cans. In all honesty, Organic Preggie Pops and Pop Drops seem like a great idea for all mom’s to be. They are made in California by the company, “Three Lollies“,  run under $5 a box and are a quick fix for morning sickness…and in my book, hangovers.  We both win! Pick them up on Amazon, or at your local Pharmacy.



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