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First Daddy & Baby Gift From Mom

One of the fantastic things about this whole pregnancy experience is having friends and family come to Erica and I with open arms in regards to anything we need.  With our baby not being due until January 21st, 2013, there really isn't a whole lot of things we "need" or "want".  However, in the 6 months left, we are most likely to get amazing gifts for the baby from friends and family and the gifts that have already been given to us have been a blessing and have made this journey all that more exciting!  

One amazing gift I just got was not from a friend or a family member…come to think of it , it actually came from both. My best friend and one of the closest people dear to my heart, my wife, Erica.  She and my sister went on a beach-bike ride while my brother-in-law and I went golfing not far from their Brigantine, NJ Beach Condo. The boys had a blast and when I came back, Erica told me there was a gift for me in on the table! I went in and found an AWESOME Blue “Brigantine Beach” Hoodie Sweatshirt and a tiny yellow “Brigantine NJ” t-shirt with a cute little turtle on it.  The FIRST father/baby gift from my amazing wife, E!  I’m pretty sure I’ll stain the sweatshirt wayyyyyy before the baby spits up on their own t-shirt.  Are you surprised? I’m not!



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