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First Argument : Baby Room

We had our first argument the other day. Actually, it was more like a disagreement.  While both of us were watching the morning news downstairs on the couch with our laptops fired up this transpired:



Erica: “We can either put the guest room furniture and bed in the garage or sell it.”

Me: “What about when we have any family over visiting us and they spend the night?”

Erica: “They can get a hotel.”

Me: “I’m not going to have family sleep at a hotel when we have all this space in the house. Can we put a daybed or a sleeper couch in the room you want to make a nursery?”

Erica: “Where is the baby going to sleep then?”

Me: “In a crib in our room down the hall for the night or two we have guests.”

Erica: ” (In a nutshell)…not happening.”

Me: “Well then what about in that fourth room next to our bedroom that you use as a powder room/ SPARE CLOSET ?”

Erica: “I’m not having my baby sleep in a closet.”

Me: “It’s not a closet, it’s a fourth bedroom. Before that we both used it as our computer room/office.”

Erica: It’s a closet and I’m not having my baby sleep in a closet.”






6 Comments on First Argument : Baby Room

  1. LOL! You knew where this was going. 'Erica: “We can either put the guest room furniture and bed in the garage or sell it.”' You only had two choices, Chris Line, and at least you had those :)

  2. move to Marick Circle!

  3. dadastrophic // July 19, 2012 at 5:48 am //

    Buy my house and we are SOOO IN, LOL!

  4. dadastrophic // July 19, 2012 at 5:49 am //

    LOL :-)

  5. Trish Edelman Craig // July 19, 2012 at 6:59 pm //

    We rented a storage unit and keep the bedroom set in storage. When family comes, we have a queen size air mattress and a sleeper sofa in our office (which has a tv and a wet bar, so really… how bad is it?). Bottom line, she's preggers and no matter what the arguement/disagreement is… you won't win! :) Just wait till E really gets hormonal! I would have killed you for stating that you were losing weight lately. Oh to be preggers! ENJOY the ride!

  6. dadastrophic // July 21, 2012 at 4:00 pm //

    Sitting on beach with e. noted lol. No more weight talk :)

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