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12 Week A-OK & Say NO To Cigarettes…

Today we had our 12 week Ultrasound and ALL WENT WELL! At least I thought it was an ultrasound leading up to the visit but I probably wasn't paying attention. When we get there,  we're taken right away by the wonderful staff  at College Heights OBGYN!  They take E's vitals and her BP is 110/60! DAMN HER!  I ask them to take my blood pressure.

The nurse laughs yet I’m being serious. The nurse again  laughs it off but I’m bummed because the nurse doesn’t realize  I don’t trust my home BP machine as much as I don’t trust Erica’s Fetal Doppler she bought on!  (For the record I’m on BP Pills at 34 and it sucks but my own fault I’m sure.  ) Taking your BP 5 times a day and obsessing about the results doesn’t help matters either.

So we’re sitting & waiting for doctors  and I ask the nurse if after this we “Go into the other room like last time?” That’s  where the internal ultrasound  thing is.  Erica laughs and tells me that this visit is in this room only and a doppler test is all that is being done  to check the baby’s heartbeat.  I’m kind of relieved because the chair I’m in is quite comfortable and quite frankly, I don’t need some probe stuck in my wife again since that’s how we got here in the first place.
The Doctor comes in and asks Erica some questions.  Question One is “how do you feel?”  Erica says “she gets winded from things like walking up steps.”  The Dr. says “That’s completely normal.”   I say, “It’s partly because  she  smokes before taking walks and that is not good in my opinion.” (E doesn’t smoke)  The doc played it off but I found out later she asked Erica twice about smoking during  pregnancy, LOL!
  The highlight for me was when the Dr. said she had 5 kids and Erica and I actually made HER nervous the way we were talking in the room.  For ONCE I wasn’t the only one thinking E and myself needed to relax! We did for about 2 hours after the visit! It was just nice hearing it from someone other than me. We both need to relax and enjoy the ride because it’s going to be a fun and interesting one!
All in all, the baby’s heart rate is fine, and the BEBE doppler from my previous post that scared me  is not reliable, and no one should buy it b/c it’s not accurate. The Dr. gets upset when she hears that parents-to-be buy them because they  misread them and panic because they don’t know how to properly use them! Keep it to the pro’s! I AGREE after this!  The doctor said literally …. “For 20 years I’ve been reading heart rates at 12 weeks and sometimes I can’t even find them behind the pelvic bone. For you to find it 3 weeks ago with something you bought on the internet is highly unlikely.   Needless to say, we have a Doppler for sale!   $10 cash takes it…that or some blood pressure pills!



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  1. Nickolas Brozek // July 21, 2012 at 4:59 pm //

    haha chris you are too funny.

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