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Graycasso Spells His Name

I’ve been waiting almost 4 years for this. I could not wait until Grayson started remembering how to write the alphabet that he learned to say at such a young age. With that I was hoping would come the spelling of his first and middle name: Grayson Emerick!

img_4620That time HAS arrived! Big kudos to Gray’s teachers at school for their constant practice and hands on time with him. Whether it’s a computer keyboard or a handwritten lesson, Grayson seems to be progressing faster than expected! When he is home he ask to “spell his name on the pomcuter” (yes pomcuter) and I gladly oblige. It started out with me showing him letters and progressed to him telling me to turn around and not look while he spelled out his entire name as a surprise including his middle name on my Macbook!

img_4658-2Long story short, I could not be prouder and I can’t wait to see his hand written and computer written words turn into phrases and those phrases into complete sentences!

One day at a time, my little buddy! One day at a time. I’m proud of you.



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