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We Are Walking To Chicago To Ride The “Paris Wheel”!

When I travel, I always bring Grayson home a magnet from the city I was in. It’s something that his mom started so I just decided to run with it!  A magnet of the Chicago skyline has been stuck to my refrigerator for years and Grayson has never really mentioned it…until now!

Long story short, he pulled the magnet off the fridge, said he wants to “Go to Chicago and ride the Paris (ferris) wheel,” and went on to say it’s “right up the street!”  See for yourself!

What you don’t see, is Grayson packing his bags for the last 6 hours and telling me every 3 minutes that we are “leaving in 15 minutes on a plane when it touches down” and that I “need to pack now”!

I guess a trip to Chicago to ride the “Paris Wheel” is in our near future! Thank the lord that we can take he arranged a plane and we no longer have to walk!




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