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A 4 Year Old Decides To Do Some Shots…

I’ve been going to Hillside Farms just outside of Wilkes Barre, PA for as long as I can remember. I’m 38 years old now and in someways, nothing has changed at HF! The one thing that definitely has NOT changed has been the chocolate milk! I used to visit Wilkes Barre a lot more often when I was younger and bring back 3 or four half gallons of the chocolate goodness at a clip, complete with glass bottles! (NO Plastic here!)

Now, I rely pretty much on my Godmother / Aunt Nancy to bring up a half gallon or two when she comes to visit m 4 your old and I! It’s a love / hate relationship. No matter how much she brings I drink the whole allotment! I LOVE it because how could you not! I HATE it because it’s so darn good.

Recently, I had the chance to share it for the first time with Grayson and he decided to skip the glass and went right for SHOTS of Hillside Farms Chocolate Milk. Here is his experience and review of the Chocolate gold below. Enjoy!



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