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Give A Dog A Bone…Or 20!

1688061_592123077580199_3822700142654440504_nI always let Grayson explore his hobbies / interests as long as I know it won’t get him into trouble or get him hurt in any kind of manner. Tonight is an example of one of those instances.  I’m in the kitchen cooking dinner and he’s in there with me playing with our yellow lab, Reno, while I prepared dinner.  Once I’m done, I decide to let him continue “playing” with Reno as I sit about 6 feet away on the couch and eat while watching him play with the dog. (He already had his dinner)

Grayson decided to take some utensils I had out along with some pans and pots and ‘feed’ Reno.  (What he really was doing was putting pieces of cork board into pots and sliding them to Reno to eat as if it was ‘real’ dog food.)  It was harmless but after about 3 minutes of ‘Cooking With Grayson”, I decided not to take a chance of the dog trying eat the cork board pot holder and I put everything in the sink to wash.

I turned to Gray as I walked back in to finish my dinner and said “Gray, why don’t you feed the doggie a bone”. Hedog bone said “Ok daddy”, and I reminded him the large box of bones was over near the back door in the island at his height level. He knew EXACTLY where they were and decided to take me up on my offer and get Reno a treat.  (Now, keep in mind that he walked out of sight for about 2.5 seconds to get Reno a bone and he threw it to the floor for him and then came in and proceeded to play with Thomas The Tank Engine.)


About 10 minutes later, I hear Reno chewing something in the corner on his dog bed in the kitchen.  I had originally thought that it was a toy, or a wooden spoon I missed, or something to that effect.  As I sat here thinking about what it could be, I started listening closer and heard crunching noises as Reno chewed.  I IMMEDIETLEY KNEW IT! Grayson gave Reno a bone 10 minutes earlier and left the drawer wide open and Reno was helping himself for the past 10 minutes to a 20 pound box of post-birthday treats.

Reno…happy belated birthday buddy!!!



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