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A Day at Unangst Tree Farm

If you live in or around The Lehigh Valley, you will have NO problem finding things to do this Fall. Surrounding towns such as Jim Thorpe also offer themed weekends as we enter the  heart of Fall not to mention the amazing scenery in the area! If you’re looking for something to do with the family or perhaps a date, I recommend Unangst Tree Farm off of Route 512 Just north of Bethlehem, PA in a town by the name of Bath!

We took a hayride on a tractor to pick pumpkins, fed sheep and goats, got to see pigs, played in a giant pool of corn kernels, bought gourds, had some food, and then some! Everything at Unangst was free to my son and I except the purchasing of food to feed the animals at the petting zoo and the price of the pumpkins we picked out!    Overall it’s an amazing experience if you are looking for something to do for an hour or two! Enjoy the Video!   -Chris and Grayson



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