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Glow In The Dark Bubbles!

This is pretty AWESOME! It’s one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?”, moments! Glow in the dark bubbles! You simply get glow sticks, cut10303813_10152617002955337_4290184454216788143_n them open, and drop the solution into a jar of bubbles and BOOM: Glow in the dark bubbles! Gray is obsessed with bubbles so this is a double edged sword! It’s great that he loves bubbles but not great because:

1. I’ll have to buy tons of glow sticks and

2. He likes to blow bubbles in the house so that can NOT happen or it’s bye-bye floors, furniture, and everything else in their path.

For STRICTLY outside use only, we definitely have to try this and I encourage you to do the same and let Grayson and I know what you think! Feel free to post photos!



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