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Doctor Visits

Sick Day 

someone is having fun being sick today! Home with mom two days now it’s daddy daycare this weekend! Need to get more Popsicles and waffles. We are almost out! [...]

Reality Has Set In…

When I first started “Dadastrophic”, I was certain I would post things daily. Whether it be photos, stories, or even a quick note to keep everyone update on [...]

Little G-Man is Sick!

Grayson has been sick. I need to learn that not all of these entries will be long. I planned on this one being long but it really is turning into a ‘short and [...]

The Birth of Grayson Emerick Line

It’s been a week since Grayson was born and about 2 weeks since I wrote my last entry. Usually, I post more often but there was one problem -I HAD A BABY! No time to [...]
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