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Corsetchick to the Rescue!

Last week my wife had major drama. She had an event to attend and she was completely neurotic about her little baby belly. I told her she was beautiful and she wouldn’t [...]

Introducing The JuJu Band!

If you visit our house you may need to bring ear plugs, because Gray is the definition of “colic”. He gets his fussiness from his mother, just don’t tell [...]

Botanical Innovations

My wife thought that pregnancy had drained her energy. That was until Gray came along. Now, it’s a 24 hour diner in this house! We’re constantly mixing formula [...]

Just Buns Bakery – Heaven!

Dana Reyes, Founder of “Just Buns Bakery” in Congers New York is the reason why I’m writing this post tonight! Her Swirly Buns were the perfect way to end a [...]
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